The Best of Today:

  • Penn State

Girl 1: I hate that they think I am a slut, I am not a slut!

Girl 2: Well, how many people did you fuck this weekend?

Girl 1: Three, but two of them don’t count because I have slept with them before!

  • Texas-

Guy 1: I should be mad that he pissed on my backpack, right?

Guy 2: Hmm, depends. Does he remember it?

  • Indiana-

Guy 1: I killed it last night!

Guy 2: Nice!

Guy 1: Yeah dude, she said I was, I asked her.

Guy 2: Wait, what? You asked her if you were killing it?

Guy 1: Yeah dude, she said he ex-boyfriend was bigger, but I was fun too!

  • USC- outside of the film school-

Guy: Who is Pete Carroll?

  • Trinity-

Girl 1: So crazy we have a black president!

Girl 2: Um, George Bush isn’t black

  • Xavier- frat party-

Girl: I want to spread it, like, I want to divide up my vagina so that there is enough for everyone. I’m not going to limit it!

  • Pitt-girl on phone-

Girl: I just hate when he masturbates!

  • Drexel-

Guy 1: She had a British accent, that’s my fucking favorite!

Guy 2: Nice! Did you fuck her?

Guy 1: No

Guy 2: So why did you tell me this story then?


~ by overheardyou on November 10, 2009.

One Response to “#1”

  1. LOL! i used to do this back in my high school days.. I just write down everything I hear.. Then when you read it, its like a whole different and extremely hilarious story..
    LMAO!! :))

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