The Best of Today:

  • Notre Dameat LaFortune-

Girl: If I don’t get knocked up, I guess I’ll go to law school…


  • Deleware-after class-

TA: You know that he doesn’t accept late work.

Girl: I know, but I’m willing to do anything just to get just even like partial credit for it…

TA: Doing ‘anything’ would have meant getting it in on time.

Girl: I know, but I’m willing to do anything NOW to get at least some credit for it…


TA: Alright, then…….what exactly is “anything”?

Girl <confused>: Umm, it’s an adverb, right?


  • Abbot-leaving class-

Girl 1: Im gonna kill myself!

Girl 2: Don’t do anything you will regret later…


  • York U- Central Square-

Girl 1: Come on! Hes totally good looking, why don’t you just get with him?

Girl 2: No, I don’t know, I really don’t like him

Girl 1: Yeah you do. You totally do!

Girl 2: Yeah, I guess I do, but hes available…

Girl 1: Oh yeah, hmmm, well then just wait until hes unavailable!


  • Arizona State-outside Chipotle-

Girl 1: I swear to God, college gave me ADHD!

Girl 2: …And Clamydia…

Girl 1: Fuckkkk…


  • UMiami-leaving class-

Girl 1: Im not a jersey chaser…they chase me!

Girl 2: Hmm…but you still only fuck guys on the football team, right?

Girl 1: NO! ****** is on the basketball team!


  • Vanderbilton phone-

Guy: What was I supposed to say? “Sorry for getting you pregnant”?



~ by overheardyou on November 11, 2009.

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