The Best of Today:

  • Fordham-writing class

Professor: A friend of mine, who is a nun, told me that she was on an elevator with a Father and his young son and daughter. She, then, looked down at the little boy and asked, “What do you like to play with?” to which the little boy replied, “my penis.”

  • Northeastern-chemistry class-

Professor: I am so excited I can’t even keep my legs together!

  • USC-

Guy 1: Bro…she brings panda over

Guy 2: Bro, yesss!

Guy 1: Then we fuck, eat panda, then fuck again. Then I passed out!

Guy 2: Dude that’s fucking awesome!!

Guy 1: Dude, I know. I know…

  • USC-outside Café 84, on phone-

Girl: I mean, theres really no reason to use a condom as long as he pulls out, right?

  • UCONN-

Guy: If you had sex with a hooker without consent, would it be rape or shoplifting?

  • Carnegie Mellon-philosophy class. Re:stock markets-

Professor: Its worth than divorce. I lost half of my money and STILL have my wife!

  • Notre Dame-blackout guy in front of SDH-

Guy: Hey! Ive had sex with that girl! And her. And her! Oh wait, did I have sex with her? Hey you!! Did we have sex? Confirm or deny…


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~ by overheardyou on November 11, 2009.

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