The Best of Today:

  • Abbott-after class-

Guy: Sir, may I hand this in after class?

Professor: Nigga please!


  • Notre Dame-on campus-

Girl: Why do guys like thongs so much?

Guy: For the same reasons as Sisqo, of course…


  • UAlbany-on campus-

Guy: I met her at a bar, so I figure she was at least 15. Oh well…


  • UCLA- leaving Pauley Pavilion-

Guy 1: Now that my doctor prescribed me weed, it seems like more of a chore than anything else

Guy 2: That how I felt about Xanax! Before rehab obviously…


  • UArizona-outside of Fiji-

Girl 1: I hate it when he cums in my mouth

Girl 2: Who?

Girl 1: Whoever…


  • Oregon State-at a party-

Girl 1: Didn’t that guy have clamydia?

Girl 2: Yeah, but he’s on antibiotics…

Girl 1: So when you get it, he’ll just give you some pills?

Girl 2: Wow! That’s cool, I didn’t even think of it that way…


  • UNLV- cafeteria-

Guy 1: I think I banged a hooker

Guy 2: Wait, you think you banged? Or you think she was a hooker?

Guy 1: Not sure, I blacked out…


  • Notre Dame-leaving class-

Guy 1: That test was really hard

Guy 2: Yeah, I had a hard time reading what the Asian chick in front of me was writing

Guy 1: Word…


  • Cornell- on campus-

Guy 1: You smell that?

Guy 2: Smells like pussy!

Guy 1: Um…It smells like shit…

Guy 2: Yeah, I haven’t gotten laid in a while…



We’ve been getting a ton of emails asking us to post ridiculous pictures you guys have run across. Unfortunately, haven’t seen any real winners, but keep em coming!



~ by overheardyou on November 12, 2009.

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